Trafileria Lecchese srl 



The Metallographic Laboratory was created in Trafileria Lecchese in 2017 with three specific objectives.

The first is to allow internal control of the raw material and the finished product, so that the materials produced are at the highest level of quality.

The second is to speed up as much as possible the solution of any problems encountered by customers relating to their products where they use our material, taking into account the rapid time required by the automotive industry. The employees of the Metallographic Laboratory have gained a full knowledge of the materials used in the drawing process, so they can better understand their behavior, helping the customer to discover the causes of a possible defect and find the solution to avoid it in subsequent production.

The last objective is to assist the customer in the project of creating a new product or perfecting an existing one.

The Metallographic Laboratory of Trafileria Lecchese is composed of a macroscope up to 50 magnifications and a Zeiss microscope with the possibility of reaching up to 1000 magnifications.

For the preparation of the samples we use: a cutting-off machine specially designed for metallographies so as not to heat the material and change its structure, a hot embedding machine to create the metallographic pads and a polishing machine to polish the samples. All three sample preparation machines are ATM branded.

Starting from the material, the metallographic pads are created and polished which are ready to be analyzed under the microscope, then the chemical attacks Nital and Picrato are carried out to discover possible defects in the structure of the material and to check the state of the wire coatings.

Five years after its creation we can be fully satisfied because the presence of the Metallographic Laboratory has helped to increase the quality and service that Trafileria Lecchese has always offered to its customers.